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Feel the ground move on the earthquake simulator
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Who said children and museums don’t mix? They’ll love Crete’s Natural History Museum. Featuring dinosaurs, endemic animals and an earthquake simulator, this is a museum that’s designed for kids. And it’s not just the little one’s who’ll have fun – you’ll lap it up, too.

With seven fascinating sections to explore, this is a great family experience. There are dinosaur skeletons as well as lifesize moving dinosaurs – great for selfies. Another cool exhibit to explore is the Megadiorama, which takes an in-depth look at life in the Mediterranean’s ecosystems. While the area devoted to local fauna is packed with lizards and snakes.

And you’ll be able to learn about Crete’s biogeographic diversity, too. Extremely popular is Enceladus, the earthquake simulator – Crete has historically been prone to them. While over at the Erevnotopos Discovery Centre, the children can dig for fossils.

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