Swim and sunbathe in the Balos lagoon
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This cruise has everything – great scenery, beach time and a helping of medieval history. Everything starts at Kastelli on Crete’s northwest coast, where a boat awaits to carry you across Kissamos bay to the Gramvousa peninsula and isles. And to round off the trip, you’ll spend a few hours at the beautiful Balos lagoon.

You’ll sail past steep cliffs and caves before docking at Imeri Gramvousa isle – ‘Imeri’ means ‘Tame’. Once a pirate hideout, this massive chunk of rock is crowned by a half-ruined Venetian fort. Here, you can stay sunbathing on deck, take a swim or trek up to the castle to drink in the views.

Next, your boat will make its way back to Tigani on the peninsula. Lapped by the fluorescent turquoise waters of the Balos lagoon, it’s a beach that looks like something from the Caribbean. Laze on the white sands, take snaps of the views or splash about in the warm water – it’s really shallow and stays knee-deep for a long way out.

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